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Customers stay & spend more when their children are safely occupied*

91% of parents who shop with their children leave the store because they are distracted by their children.*

What impact is that having on your sales?

Let's think about it - a car dealership loses at least one sale every week because parents are distracted by their kids and tend to leave rather than complete the purchase. At an average sale of $40,000, that's a $2 million impact on sales every year.

What about your store? You may only be losing $50 a day in sales because mums and dads don’t stay in your store, but that equates to $18,000 in potential lost annual revenue for your store.

By occupying children safely in-store, you will not only have a positive impact on your bottom line, you will also be creating a more customer-friendly environment that will attract and retain additional customers.

How to Create a Child Friendly Retail Environment & Increase Sales

To learn more about child friendly retailing and tips you can implement in-store immediately, download this free guide.

5 Mistakes Retailers Make (and how to fix them!)

One of the most challenging activities for parents is going shopping with young children in tow. Yet every day, hundreds of thousands of parents do exactly that - shop with kids. They have to. What's more, these parents are in a hurry. They want to spend. They NEED to spend. They don't have time for willy-nilly browsing and mall-meandering. So if they're in your store, then you are The Chosen Store. How do you turn these reluctant browsers into buyers and avoid common pitfalls. Read more . . .

I know women are more likely to purchase if they've tried a garment on. How do I get shoppers with kids into the change rooms?

Mothers of toddlers tend to avoid trying on clothes because their child is almost guaranteed to escape under the change room door the moment she has removed her clothes!

With a Play Panel or Touch Screen installed in one of the change rooms, your sales people can confidently direct her to a change room where her toddler will be safely occupied. Because she can try clothes on, she is more likely to make a purchase and that can make a huge difference to your sales revenue.

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"Our sales people have always identified the link between kids causing distractions and losing a sale because of it. The Play Panels allow our customers to have the opportunity to shop longer allowing them to make better choices."
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* Research conducted in an online survey in Nov 2004 with 400+ parents. Click here for one page report: National Retail Survey - Parents Who Shop With Children