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In 2005, Child Friendly Solutions, together with Australian businesses, began sponsoring Play Panels in Australian hospitals.

We have now sponsored over 120 Play Panels in 12 hospitals with help from over 80 businesses and families including Westfield, Huggies, Children’s Panadol, Gloria Jeans, Wizard Home Loans & Babies Galore, as well as many smaller local businesses such as gyms, osteopaths, pharmacies, cafes, photographers, even a web designer!

As a sponsor you are able to brand the Play Panel with your corporate logo, website or message so you’re not only doing something great for the kids, you’re also able to gain valuable brand reinforcement for your business.

It’s a win-win-win situation for the hospital, the kids and your business.

Child Friendly Solutions operates this part of our business as a non-profit unit. 

Sponsorships start from $518 (much less than a typical print ad costs, for significantly greater exposure and goodwill).

If you would like to sponsor a Play Panel into any hospital in Australia, please download more information.