Does your practice meet the national standards to provide a safe, designated children's area in your waiting room?

We can help you meet those standards. Our play products:

  • Are designed for commercial use so they are safe, durable and easy to maintain 
  • Conform to Australian Standards (AS/NZ ISO:8124)
  • Don’t take up valuable floor space
  • Ensure there is no ongoing cost of replacing broken or stolen toys
  • Can be wiped regularly with antibacterial wipes to help prevent cross-infection
  • Leave no messy toys for staff to continually tidy
  • Do not create a tripping or choking hazard
  • Are the preferred play option for Australian hospitals including Royal Children’s Melbourne, Mater Brisbane, Sydney Children’s, Royal North Shore, Children’s Hospital at Westmead, plus over 500 medical practices.

Did you know?

The box of toys in your waiting room could be making children sick.

Tests conducted by AMS Laboratories on a box of toys from a medical waiting room found staphylococci and dangerous coliforms on all toys, one of which was of a strain resistant to antibiotics. Read full report.

Child Friendly Solutions Play Panels are the safest, tidiest solution for your waiting room.

  • Can be cleaned daily with antibacterial wipes
  • No tripping hazards for elderly patients
  • No choking hazards for little patients
  • No messy toys for staff to tidy (your receptionist will love you!)
  • Will not take up valuable floor space
  • You won't have the ongoing cost of replacing broken or stolen toys

We offer a range of waiting room toys that are specifically designed for commercial use. Click here to browse.